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L'il Christmas Trees


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Need a L'il Christmas?

Top Ten Uses for the L’il Christmas Tree!
10. Add a ribbon to make a tree ornament
9. A good stocking stuffer with very few calories
8. Add to a centerpiece for your Christmas table
7. Make a whole forest for your Christmas village
6. Use it in lieu of a real tree—compact, no falling needles or sticky sap!
5. Pine scented sachet for your car
4. Stuff with catnip to keep cat out of the real tree
3. Make a pincushion for your sewing buddy
2. Cheap gift for in-laws

And the number one use for the L’il the Christmas tree is…

1. Use as a stress ball to relieve holiday tension!

Small tree requires hoop area of 4" x 4"
Medium tree requires hoop area of 5" x 5"
Big Tree requires hoop area of 5.75" x 5.75

Tiny ornament set is included.

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